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timeliness. | fitness.aptness. | convenience. | advantage.utility.

executive search for the international commodity markets.

commoditas. is a search consultancy primarily specialising in finding exceptional people on behalf of clients operating in the global energy and natural resources supply chain.

commoditas. are discrete, client-driven and provide creative, professional solutions tailored to the needs of each organisation.

commoditas. also work with high-calibre individuals, where we are able to leverage our network and knowledge of the commodities industry to help them develop their careers.

our approach.

commoditas. value partnership. It is our commitment to develop and maintain long-term relationships with a limited number of clients in any one sector. In addition to ensuring the widest candidate pools and avoiding any potential conflicts, this also allows us to understand each client's culture and ultimately be more effective in selecting the right people.

commoditas. recognise that discretion is absolutely key to managing our clients' reputations. We consistently apply a 'search' (headhunting) methodology, allowing us to cover the target population without revealing the client name - this ensures that details of the opportunity are disseminated in a controlled manor, with only the most appropriate candidates being engaged. It also allows us to collect valuable information which enables our clients to better understand their competitors.

commoditas. integrate account management and delivery, contrary to the model used by most search firms. This ensures that our clients always have a single point of contact, that person being an experienced consultant who is involved in and accountable for each mandate.

our focus.

  • Our clients include trading houses, utilities, producers, investment banks and asset managers.

    commoditas. serve these organisations globally, focusing mainly on front-office roles and the teams closely associated with or supporting them. These would include:

    • sales, trading and origination
    • risk, operations and logistics
    • research and analytics
    • finance and investment
    • fund management
  • The following are some examples of projects we have completed for clients:

    • Coal Marketer, US Producer (Singapore)
    • Credit Manager, Trading House (London)
    • Special Situations/M&A, Trading House (Switzerland)
    • Corporate Treasuer, Trading House (London)
    • Treasury Risk Management, Trading House (Switzerland)
    • Head of IT, Trading House (London)
    • Financial Control, Physical Coal Assets, Trading House (Indonesia)
    • Grains/Oilseed Trader, Trading House (Switzerland & US)
    • ETRM Specialist, Trading House (London)
    • Biofuels Trader, Trading House (US)
    • Coal Originator/Marketer, European Utillity (Singapore)
    • Iron Ore Trader, Trading House (Singapore)
    • Global Head of Commodity Principal Investment, Investment Bank (UK)
    • Cross-Commodity & Exotic Options Trader, Investment Bank (UK)
    • Commodity Index Trader, Investment Bank (UK)
    • Commodities Fund Manager, Global Asset Manager (UK)


Please feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss anything.

Tel: +44 208 525 8135

Email: contact@commoditas.co.uk